English. Is It Hard to Love It?

Assalamualaikum, blogging lagi.
This time aku na cerita about, em.
Of course not about mengidam again hehe.

Last Monday, I have BEL260's class.
For your info, I don't know why I hate so much of English class.
Only for English class, I'll sit at the back with Fath.
If in another class, I'll choose to sit at the front.
Maybe because of this, I can't score too well in my English, err since I was school.

Tapi syukur sangat sebab lecturer BEL this sem is a nice and soft one.
I love seeing her baju kurung that she wears for our class.
Just wondering where she bought them :)

Forget about her baju kurung dear.
On that Monday, we having a new activity that is discussion and speaking practice in group of four, I'm with Fath, Mira and Fara.
Its about a topic of how to cope the stress.
I can't remember when the list time I've been stress out :)
Then, we discussed about it and trying to speak English with each other.
Seriously, memang tersangat broken English kitorang haha.

Then from that time I realize that my speaking was so bad com[ared to others.
Maybe I should do something about it.
But from that time, I think that I'm started to love that subject.
It's so fun lah ! ;D

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