Fav Mushroom Soup !

Haihaihai, I'm blogging again.

Beberapa hari ni rasa macam teringin sangat nak makan mushroom soup yang kat Pizza Hut tuu.
Sometimes I was thinking, "aku
ni mengidam ke ?"

Maybe it was only a simple problem.

I could take a cab and go to Kangar and slidely jump into the Pizza Hut to get the soup, haha !
The solution sounds so simple right ?
But my money condition make the simple solution get into
the hard one like solving the PHY190's question :(
Why ? Let me tell ya.
The cab fees is so so so expensive !
One trip from UiTM to Kangar is Rm14 you know
Gosh, my head spinning.

Because of I can't stand my rasa mengi
I've took a walk around Mushroom in one noon.
Then I entered to the only one bread shop here.
I've walked around to find something to stop this rasa mengidam.

Suddenly, I've found something babe !
Campbell's Instant Mushroom Soup !
Ohhh you are my hero !

Then without wasting time, I bought it and going back to college as fast as I can.
Time ni sumpah teruja gila haha.
Then sampai je bilik, terus boil air.
After 5 minutes, terus ambil cup and prepare the soup.
Just imagine it's smell, nyumm !
And it's taste fascinates me :)

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