woah tag lagi ?
malam ni sumpa aku bosan na mamposs.
duadua adek aku tada kat rumah.
dyba g picnik ngan mmber die untuk satu malam.
adin lak still stay kat kampung
menghabiskan sisa tuisyen die yg tinggal ag seminggu.

then, na tdo lak taley sbb petang td da habiskan mengantuk aku ny.
na msg org, tada mood lak, malas na pegang ncet ;p
jadi, menjawab soalan tag adalah penyelesaian terbaik.
bersabarlah, tag kali ni sumpa banyak.
cukuplah menghilangkan bosan aku ny. ;))

1. how well do you know youself? rank from 1-10, 1 being the least.
5 from 10.

2. do you get along well with your siblings?
veryy well ouh ;D

3. if you were given a million bucks to kill someone you dont know, will you do it?
nowayy, tana aku tanggung dosa besar seumur hidup.

4. would you risk your life for your father or your mother?
both of cos.

5. would you risk your life for your gf/bf or your friends?
friends :)

6. do you like your eyes better, or your lips?
eyes kott.

7. do you have someone you like currently?
yeah i do ;)

8. does anybody like you currently?
sape je la yg sudi sobsob.

9. what are you doing now?
lol pe nye soalan aa. mesti aa nga jawab tag ny haha.

10. do you prefer ice-cream or chocolate?
chocolate. nyumnyum :)

11. do you prefer coffee or tea?
tea. saia ta layan coffee.

12. which celebrity do you admire?
Liyana Estrella. suara die : WOAHH ! ;D

13. do you prefer the violin or guitar?
guitar. ade sesape sudi ajar saia ta ? pls pls.

14. what do you like to drink?
limau ais satuuu !

16. if you could ask for one thing now, what would you ask for?
na jumpe cuib :)

17. do you like to daydream alot?
nope. saia mimpi malam je. hee.

18. what is your favourite colour?
purple && pink :)

19. what is your favourite subject?
maths kott ? hehe.

20. do you prefer the sun or the rain?
rain. feel ouh bile sesejuk ;p

21. do you prefer the winter or spring?
spring. ouh indahnya :)

22. do you prefer the darkness or light?
light. ta suke gelap, sakit mata. hehe.

23. do you prefer the computer or your handphone?
computer. taley hidup ouh tade lappy nih.

24. who do you feel like texting now?
siape lagi ? korg mesti tao kan hehe.

25. favourite singer?
The Times && Estrella.

26. what are you currently listening to?
lagu blog ny : Justin Bieber - Down To Earth

27. what type of shirt are you wearing now?
tshirt ahh.

28. do you prefer a quiet or loud gf/bf?
loud one. ta busan. hee.

29. if you were given a chance to change something about yourself, what would it be?
sensitivity. teruk sangat dah bile makin tua ny haha.

30. is there someone you cant forgive now?
tada rasanya.

31. is there something you are upset about now?
tada rasanya.

32. is there something you are happy about now?
tada rasanya.
*jawapan mcm same kan ? ;p*

33. what is the first thing that comes into your mind when i say, "memories"?
first date ngan cuib. hahah.

34. who is the first person that comes into your mind when i say, "love"?
haihh tana mention lahh haha.

35. is there something you cannot forgive about yourself?
yup. hmm :(

36. what time is it now?
1.07 am. awal lg kan ?

37. what do you like about yourself?
senang sesuaikan diri dalam apa jua keadaan.

38. what do you like about your significant other?
no thing. haha.

39. who are your best friends?
:) bff di sebelah -->

40. name one of your nickname.

41. do you prefer to have a pair of wings, or powers to change thing?
pair of wings. taya membazir amek lesen hehe.

42. if you had powers, what kind of power do you want to possess?
tana power la, cam menyusahkan lak.

43. where is your favourite place to hangout?
Berjaya Times Square. hahahah.

44. what sort of book do you like to read?
comics :)

45. do you prefer a puppy or a kitten as a pet?
kitten lahh. haram bela anjing hehe.

46. which is your favourite month?
mei && disember : cuti sem ! ;p

47. what sort of music do you like?
slow r&b. jiwang ? lantak lahh ! hehe.

48. who are you missing now?
tana mention.

49. do you dare to scream loudly in the middle of a shopping mall?
why not ? puas kott hahaha.

50. why are you doing this quiz?tag 10 people.
tana 10, saia na semua PARA BLOGGER buat tag ny.
hahahah padan muke korg ;DD

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